Independent filmmakers can make films much more cost-effectively than majors. What’s the secret ingredient to making a good film on a low budget? If done badly a low budget film stands out like a sore thumb. Whereas, if done right it can be a shining beacon. With a low budget, the filmmakers become more creative, resourceful and crafty.

The following are few tips for low budget movie makers:

Story and actors:

Tips for low budget movie makers-story


The main important ingredient of a movie is good story and actors. Far better to advertise for an actor at local acting schools. As they hold rigorous auditions so that you can find a stellar cast of talented actors.  You can also get in touch with the established stars. If the script is good they might work for low budget and take a share of the profit.



The location needs to be apt and should not be time-consuming for travel of the cast and crew as the travel can be more expensive. Locations in this scenario have a lot of impact on the script. If we can reduce a lot of location moves or eliminate them altogether we are a huge step closer to reducing the budget.

Use the resources you have:


It is very important to use the resources that are easily available for example location that does not need more travel or costumes that is apt and available in the local market than getting it designed. It is important to be creative to make a low budget movie. You can always rent cameras and lighting when required then spending a lot of buying them.

Translations and subtitles:


The movie can have subtitles or translations so that a large number of audiences can view it even though they do not know the original language that the movie is made in. VerboLabs has an excellent team which can help you with your subtitle and translation needs which is pocket-friendly.  Since the movie is localized the number of audiences will increase automatically. Subtitles also make it easier for the viewer to understand when there is a different accent used by the actor than the usual accent.

Get as many reviews as possible:


For a low budget movie, the best critics are your best friend. Since it is your best friends who are the critics there is no investment that is required and it will be pocket-friendly. They have the power to create positive buzz and help you get attention from the distributors. As per the critics, you can make changes if required.

Rinse and repeat:


The best thing about the micro-budget filmmaking is that you can easily parlay the success of your first project into another micro-budget feature. It is much easier to raise the money for the project two when you have the success of the first project.

Stay Tuned for More Tips!

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