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Videos have become the new cool now. Different kinds of videos have become a major part of our daily lives. Be it advertisements, television serials, social media creatives or movies. They are a great way to spread a message in. It is more efficient than the written material in terms of message delivery. The written material takes focus and determination to continue reading. It contains less stimulus. It contains only one kind of stimulus, i.e., seeing. Therefore, it has to introduce new elements every passing moment. Audios like music and narrations are better than written material. But still, it gets boring after some time. it also contains only one kind of stimulus, i.e., hearing. But this is not the case with video content. It provides the consumer with two kinds of stimulus, i.e., seeing as well as hearing. So, it has two ways of spreading a message. When you are getting two stimuli at the same time, it is very difficult to lose a person’s interest. Hence, it is the most sought-after method of conveying an idea or a message. Since a video contains an audio message as well, then it must be through the medium of language. Now, there are numerous languages in the world. And in order to share the same message to people from different corners of the world. You will need the help of translation services. There are three ways of translating a video. First, translating the subtitles of the video. Second, translating the voiceover dialogues of the video. And third, transcribing the audio contents of the video. Now transcribing a video is not a very effective way of sharing the message of a video. Because it seems foolish to watch a video without understanding and then read the transcript to understand it. We should remember that reading is not a preferable way of consuming any kind of information on an average. Especially, if the motive of the person is entertainment. In subtitling, people have the privilege of reading dialogues in the video at the bottom of the screen along with the dialogues. This is obviously a better way to understand the contents of the video. But in this case, the person has to read the subtitles before it vanishes from the screen and would have to read the next subtitle. The person has to read the subtitles at high speeds in order to understand. But he/she misses out on the actual video. Life is tough. No doubt, subtitling is the only thing which helps deaf people and people who are hard of hearing to understand a video. But voice-over translation doesn’t have all the problems that happen in case of transcription and subtitle translation. A person gets to understand a video by hearing the narrations and dialogues in his/her own language. What is voice-over translation? Voice-over translation is a process where the translation of the original dialogues of a film into another language takes place. Usually, Translators perform the translation of the film dialogues. Different voice talents perform the work of speaking the dialogues. They need to speak the dialogues with the correct tone, accent. They should also have desirable voice quality. Then, the sound engineers add them to the film along with other music and sound effects. It is surely a long process. But it’s worth it. If you need voiceover translation for any of your video contents, feel free to contact us. Also, feel free to check out our other content from the translation industry in our blogs section. If you need voiceover translation for any of your video contents, feel free to contact us. Also, feel free to check out our other content from the translation industry in our blogs section.

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